Triumph Spitfire Mk3 1968
New car in the garage!
Triumph Spitfire Mk3 1968 convertible is now in my garage! It is a great small light weight english sportscar.  I am surprised how fun it is to drive and I quite like the way this old classic car handles.  The fuel consumption is very good and my fellowman in the traffic are very considerate, something I have not experienced before. They turn their headlights off when stopped behind my classic car and gives me a wave! Former owners have done a great job on the body, bumpers and brakes as well as the new renovated engine and gearbox. But the bushes and suspension need attention. The 1300 motor with 2 carburattors was for sure very good in the sixties with the 4 gears transmission, but it lacks power and this car deserve a better choise of motor. Thats why I am going for a engine swap, maybe I will go for the popular V8 Rover engine, it has appr. the same weight as the old 1300 engine, or 142 kg dry! The gearbox weighs appr. 40 kg dry. The V8 has great tourqe but only around 190 hp. I also am considering a lighter solution like using a motorcycle engine. They are very light and quite powerfull. I believe my choice would be the Hayabusa 1300 engine, that is a great engine with high rev at 11.000 rpm and very good power or 175+ hp and 131 Nm, depending how the setup will be. 
11.1.2010 00:00:00
A2 bodykit for the urquattro
Well well.. bought the A2 bodykit today, made the creditcard sweat a bit...   This is, by my opinion the best looking bodykit that you can use on the urq, it even looks better than the Sport quattro kit.   view more pictures in the image gallery.